#1 сајт за упознавање Хришћана
#1 сајт за упознавање Хришћана

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tradition & values
Године 44 из New York, New York - На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
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Шпански, Италијански, Португалски
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I am a extremely traditional, and somehow an old-fashioned person. I grow up in a small family in Latin America where principles, values and ethic were almost everything. I love outdoors activities, but also concerts, cinema, theater and musicals. I came to Boston to study 3 years ago, and after earning my degree I worked with international students. Currently I am involved with an international organization in NY. I am looking for a nice friendship and possibly something more, but I am not in a rush at all. I believe in respect, and loyalty. I traveled a lot around the world and I like to share my experience with people who have the same passion about discovering the world and being opened to new experiences and cultures. I have a good sense of humor, and I am a great listener. I like to talk about politics, ethics and social affairs. Sorry but I am not perfect: I might be stubborn sometimes and quite emotional!

For a first Date: Ice skating and hot chocolate in winter, concert in the park with pic-nic in summer, open to other options in spring and fall..:) A drink, dinning outside, a quite environment to have the chance to talk and know about the other person will be fine.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PIC YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM ME.If I think we are not a good match, you will not hear from me either, sorry.
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Религија/Духовност, Уметност и занат, Учење, Музика, Плес, Позориште, Путовања, Кување, Баштованство, Волонтирање
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Дружење с пријатељима, Журке, Волим да останем код куће, Волим да испробавам нове ствари, Екстремни спортови, Концерт, Посета музеју
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It depends on who/with rather than what
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so many things....


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Вештине, Интелигенција
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A man with traditional values, family-oriented, hard worker, smart, with good sense of humor, very much into outdoors and museums rather than TV and sport shows.
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Пријатељ, Брак, Посвећеност